Just getting my name out there for future endeavors…

About Me January 17, 2012

So as I’ve said before my name is Rayna Watt. I was born and raised in Cornelius, NC till 2007 when my mom moved the family to FL so she could care for her ailing father. He passed about 9 months after we moved and we have been trying to get back to NC ever since.

I’m a Senior at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC and I am studying Public Relations and TV Broadcast. As to what I’m going to do with that education, I’m still not sure. I don’t have a specific job I want, but I know that what ever it is, I want to be able to travel. I’ve also thought about working for a Non-Profit organization.

You see, in one of my PR classes, we had to create a press kit for a non-profit and I chose Logan’s Run Rescue (LRR). LRR is a completely volunteer based program where loving people foster dogs and cats till they can be adopted. As an animal lover myself, I love their hard-work and commitment to saving animals lives. This project also caused me realize just how much I wanted to help out since I am unable to adopt any of the animals at this point in my life.

As far as what’s going on outside of school, I was recently purposed too (December 31st, 2011) and I am now planning my wedding (October 13th, 2013) to my amazing fiancee, Ryan. He is currently serving in the US Navy and is away a lot. However, this well be his last deployment so that makes me very happy!

As for the purpose of this blog, well I’m basically just saying what I have to say hoping someone will listen and have something to add. I’ve got a lot of great stories to share and I’m happy to hear yours too!


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