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Wedding Talk: Honeymoon Ideas May 3, 2012

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Wedding Talk: Honeymoon Ideas March 30, 2012

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Ryan and I got to talk to each other the other day and we were going over some wedding ideas. The honeymoon ideas came up and Ryan suggested that we go to Australia!!!! How awesome is that??!!?? Australia is such a beautiful and exotic place and it is one of the many places on my list places I want to travel too!!! That Ryan of mine has such good ideas. 🙂 I do have to say that I did enjoy talking with him a little more than the idea of going to Australia!

Ryan also suggested Hawaii or Italy, but I was pretty sold on Australia. What do you think? What have you heard about those places when it comes to honeymooning? Ryan and I made a list and number 1 is Australia, number 2 is Hawaii and number 3 is Italy. I’m sure that will change as the wedding time ticks down, but as for right now we are pushing for Australia. 🙂


Wedding Talk: Venue Search March 26, 2012

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I made two appointments while I was home to look at some venues. The first one is the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, which is so lovely with all the colorful flowers and green leaves. It has a beautiful orchard observatory and it has an indoor waterfall tucked into the wall surrounded by flowers. I was blown away

with the beauty and while the price was a little high for our budget it was a great price overall.




The next place was Beaver Dam. This one was absolutely lovely. I feel in love with it!!! It is a historic plantation home and it has a great rustic barn where the ceremony will take place in front of. I took some photos and sent them to Ryan and he loved it too! He wants to see it when he gets back from his deployment. I also love that the price includes almost everything like rentals, food, and clean-up. That made the venue all the better! I think we are going to go with Beaver Dam for now. I did make three more appointments for this summer once classes let out for mom and I to look at. 🙂


Happy Side Note March 23, 2012

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Normally I use my blog to talk about my wedding ideas or opinions on animal protection, but today I just want to talk about how awesome my fiance is. I got to talk with him for a few minutes today between classes and it was the best thing ever. I also got two letters from Ryan in the mail today!!!! It was so amazing to open my mail box and see his letters with his handwriting! I loved reading and re-reading his letters all day. I know it is super cheesy but it was so amazing! Reading emails is great, but having tangible letters in my hands just made my day! I am so longing forward to him coming back home. It’s been about two and a half months since he left for his six month deployment. Summer cannot come fast enough for both of us!

I think I took our time together for granted. I don’t think I realized just how precious each minute we had to spend next to each other was really worth. I have learned that it will never happen again that’s for sure. I just can’t wait to wrap my arms around him and curl up on the couch next to him again!!! He has been so amazing. For Valentine’s Day he sent me a bouquet of roses, and has made arrangements to have flowers sent for our anniversary in June and for my birthday in July since he won’t be back till afterwards. 🙂 I am a little sad, but it is the best present I could ask for. I told him not to waste the money on flowers, but he insisted. 🙂 I love how he loves to spoil me a little here and there. It’s so great to have someone as amazing as him in my life. I love him so much and I have placed his letters in a very special box that has all of our keepsakes in them. 🙂 I also plan to read them every night!!!


National Assembly March 19, 2012

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We have just returned from an amazing trip to Charlotte for PRSSA National Assembly. For those of you who don’t know what PRSSA stands for, it’s Public Relation Student Society of America. PRSSA is a pre-professional organization that helps students get a feel for what it’s like in the PR field. It is a great way to get involved in your campus area and get some experience working in public relations.

Our chapter is one of the best chapters ever and we have learned so much from National Assembly. We got to meet with professionals in the field, hear from professionals, and took some hands-on workshops. We also had a blast living it up in Charlotte! I had a great time going out with some great friends, having a few drinks, shopping, and just chilling. I am so glad I got the chance to learn and play with friends, as well as meet some new people from around the country. That’s one of the greatest things about national assembly! Not only did we get some great ideas from other chapters, but we also got to share our success with other chapters who learned new things from us. It was a great experience that I won’t soon forget!


New Year New Bling March 17, 2012

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Now that we have gotten into the swing of the new year, I hope that everyone remembers to purchase a new collar for your pet, or to loosen their current one so that it isn’t too tight. Dogs, just like humans, continue to grow! So that cute little collar you got them as a puppy is no longer big enough for them after a few months.

Nothing is more painful to a dog than a collar that is to tight. I have seen so many pets suffer from embedded collars because their owners didn’t think to loosen it or purchase a new one. There are serious health issues with an embedded collar and the affects can cost your pet their life. Be sure to check every few weeks to make sure the collar is snug but not restricting. If it’s to lose, your pet can wiggle out of it, and if it’s to tight, it can cause your pet to have trouble breathing, or worse, tear away the skin and cause infection. So just remember to check your pets collar and adjust it as needed.


$10 goes a long way March 13, 2012

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As a college student I know that $10 doesn’t seem like a lot. Not with food and gas and laundry being so expensive. But for those of you who have an extra $10 chilling out in your wallet, why not use it to help change a life? How can $10 help change a life? Well, if you follow the link below you can donate your $10 to a charity that strives to help change the lives of hundreds of dogs that have been abandoned, abused, and forgotten. With $10, you can give them a new toy, food and water, or a nice warm bed to sleep in.

We sometimes take for granted the wonderful blessings we have. So show how much you care and help out a fuzzy friend. I’m sure if they could talk, you would never hear the end of how grateful they are for their favorite squeaky toy, or their warm bed, or even how great it feels to have a full belly. There’s a reason dogs are man’s best friend. So don’t hesitate, donate or adopt a friend today! You won’t regret it, although your pillows might.

Amazon.com: Lucky Dog Rescue: Lucky Dog Rescue Wish List